Canyoning and Overnight stay


After an intensely refreshing canyon trip under natural showers plunging in deep crystal clear pools, make some time to relax in the luxuriant surroundings of the resort. Read a book in the hammock, play chess in the bar area, treat yourself to a massage, or take a short walk through the villages.Your canyoning trip includes lunch, and adding the overnight at the resort includes dinner, breakfast and lunch before the trip back to Kathmandu.

Canyoning & Rafting & Overnight stay


A mix of water sports in this package – the powerful eddies and rapids Bhote Kosi river, and the fine streams and waterfalls of our Hidden Canyons. The first day takes you up to the canyon near the village of Panglang. Relax and eat well in the evening and enjoy the company of like minded people. After breakfast the next day, in to the rafts at little way from the resort, and, depending on the speed (and your fellow paddlers ability) enjoy up to 3 hours rafting to the take-out point.

Bungy & Canyoning & Overnight


Bungy adrenaline hit combined with an amazing journey through our hidden canyons. Some of the best canyoning in the Himalayas. Transport, overnight and all meals included. With wetsuits, harnesses and with the aid of ropes, your guides will help you navigate this breathtaking journey.

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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Speed through the steepest raftable river in Nepal, and in the evening relax at the resort. Perfect for those who want to explore the area or just lay back with a cold chilled beer.

Tandem Swing

Tandem Swing

The swing, like the bungy, is over 160m high and you reach 150km which is about as fast as it is possible to go in Nepal without an airplane.

Zip Flyer in Pokhara

Zip Flyer in Pokhara

This is the world’s tallest, longest and steepest zipline ever made in the entire world. Zip through the scenic Mountain capital of Nepal at a top speed of 120KPH.